Nursery and Kindergarten Curriculum



At Grace Garden International Kindergarten and Nursery, our personalised and stimulating bilingual curriculum is based on the UK Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework and delivered by qualified, native-speaking instructors.



We place interactive learning at our core to encourage lifelong, inquisitive learning and instil the values of international-mindedness and intercultural awareness. Our students will become confident, independent learners through lessons that encourage their active involvement in a varied, comfortable and playful setting. Under our education, guidance and instruction, students will be prepared to excel when given the opportunity to take on new challenges, putting the intellectual, physical and socio-emotional skills they have gained into independent practice in the wider community.


Key Learning Areas


The EYFS presents a play-focused learning approach and outlines a standard of learning, care and development for kindergarten children. Our school is committed to following this framework to ensure students reach their full potential before enrolment at primary school.


At Grace Garden International Kindergarten and Nursery, classes cover the three Prime Learning Areas and the four Specific Learning Areas in the Early Years Foundation stepping stones, as specified by the EYFS.


The three Prime Learning Areas are: 


  • Communication and Language
    Equipping students with the necessary skills for independent self-expression and effective communication


  • Physical Development
    Developing students’ fine and gross motor skills and encouraging a healthy lifestyle


  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
    Helping children develop a positive self-image and respect for peers; building social skills; understanding appropriate behaviour; and managing their feelings.


The four Specific Learning Areas are:


  • Literacy
    Building a solid foundation in phonics to help students grow into independent readers.


  • Mathematics
    Laying the foundations in key mathematical areas so students are able to count, solve basic problems and recognise shapes.


  • Understanding the world
    Inspiring an intercultural awareness to allow students to become global citizens.


  • Expressive art and design
    Developing students’ imagination and creativity to enable them to express themselves clearly through a range of media, including music, art, dance and technology.


All Nursery and Kindergarten classes utilise both English and Mandarin as their language stream. 


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