About Us

Our Teachers
Ms Maxine
Ms Maxine was born and raised in South Africa. She studied Education at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and has since been teaching for the past 4 years at a primary school in Port Elizabeth. Ms Maxine is a kind-hearted teacher, who enjoys making each day special for the children. She enjoys spending her time with loved ones and she also loves travelling and trying new things. She is excited and eager to be teaching at Grace Garden and knows that the year ahead will bring many happy moments for her and the precious children in her class.
Ms Jessie
Jessie Whittal is our playgroup teacher from South Africa. She grew up in Cape Town and attended the University of Cape Town where she received her Honors degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology. She then decided to pursue a career in teaching, receiving her certificates in TEFL, TEYLT and TEFL-TP. Since then, she has enjoyed many years of teaching, previously teaching at English summer camps in Italy, at various schools in Hong Kong, until arriving at Grace Gardens. Currently Jessie loves to teach our playgroup classes, particularly as the children are at an age where their growth and development are so visible. Ms Jessie loves an atmosphere of fun in her classrooms, teaching through a variety of songs and games. In her spare time, Ms Jessie is an avid traveler, visiting many of the countries within Asia and Europe. Her future plans include visiting South America and more of Africa. 
Ms Jackie
Miss Jackie is of Filipino and Chinese descent. She moved to Hong Kong with her mother when she was 15 years old. Her teaching career began in 2008 at one of Hong Kong’s international kindergartens and since then has taught in a variety of roles from teacher assistant to playgroup and kindergarten teacher. With her rich teaching experience, she’s determined to make a difference in her learner’s early childhood education. In her free time, Miss Jackie enjoys the beach and films with her family. She’s super excited to be at Grace Garden and looks forward to her teaching her lovely children. 
Ms Tarryn
Miss Tarryn is an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher committed to promoting the wellbeing and education of children. She is currently studying towards her PGCE with an undergraduate background in English Language and Psychology. Miss Tarryn firmly believes in giving her children the best teaching possible, and hopes to reinforce her student’s self-esteem through the supportive teaching methods utilized in her classes. 
Ms Chelsea
Chelsea Rose Mac Millan Farrelly was born to a British father and a South African mother and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. As a very shy child she found her salvation in books and eventually was empowered by a teacher who encouraged her to do public speaking once realising she was a chatterbox once comfortable with her peers. This boost in confidence propelled her towards the drama department where she won all the performing arts awards throughout her schooling career. She then went onto AFDA University, the top film institution in South Africa where she completed a BA degree in Film, specialising in Live Performance. After that she spent a year at the prestigious Cape Town Waterfront Theatre School, specialising in musical theatre and four different areas of dance. Feeling she needed to round off her tertiary education with academic pursuits she applied to do her Honours at Rhodes University the top media university in the country. She was one of twelve applicants who were selected for the yearlong journalist course. There she continued her passion for story telling through the written word, having stories published in both the varsity and local newspaper while completing her Honours studies. In 2014 she returned to Cape Town, got accepted by one of the best acting agencies in Cape Town and spent the next three years working both in front and behind the camera, performing, producing and styling for both local and international projects. Through all of this Chelsea had always longed to travel and she never forget the difference one kind, patient teacher had made in her life. Working with children throughout her career the next logical step was to teach abroad. Intrigued by Asia and the wonderful stories she had heard about Hong Kong she applied for a job at Grace Gardens.

Ms Macie (滿老師)
Miss Macie was born and raised in Nanjing, China. She’s been teaching in Hong Kong for over four years with considerable experience working with young learners. Her strong interest in Pedagogy encourages her to continuously be progressive in the classroom. Miss Macie believes that in order to gain the best classroom results, it is vitally important that young children are enjoying themselves. Needless to say her Mandarin classes are always happy and enjoyable. In her spare time, Miss Macie’s hobbies include reading and travelling.
Ms Chen
Ms Chen graduated from Sichuan International Studies University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and is currently pursuing her Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Early Childhood Education) at the Education University of Hong Kong. After passing the National Proficiency Test of Putonghua (Mandarin), she took her skills to the classroom, gaining extensive experience over the last 5 years across International schools in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. She firmly believes in vivid and interesting teaching methods to gain the interest of her young learners, and hopes to continue growing alongside them during her time at Grace Garden.

Ms Sally
Miss Sally was born and raised in Hong Kong. She graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University, qualifying as an Early Childhood Educator with a Major in Expressive Art. Miss Sally has also completed a First Aid Certificate Course through Hong Kong’s St John Ambulance. Through her rich teaching experiences at local kindergartens, Miss Sally believes that communication with her young learners is of the utmost importance. Miss Sally also believes that because each learner has different backgrounds, interests and experiences, different teaching methods are constantly required in her classroom. Miss Sally believes that whilst ‘knowledge is power’, it is equally important to help young learners develop their critical thinking, resilience and correct moral values, because this in turn will enhance their confidence and learning. Miss Sally is very excited to grow with her young students at Grace Garden.
Ms Sarah
Miss Sarah was born and raised in Mainland China, graduating from Central China’s normal University with a major in English. She’s been working with children for years and strongly believes good morals and independence are essential from an early age. Miss Sarah utilizes a play-based educational approach to develop a child’s independence and confidence.
Ms Amy
Miss Amy is a key member of our Pre-Kindergarten mandarin team at Grace Garden. She is a qualified professional in early childhood education from the Open University of Hong Kong, with a variety of other professional certifications including a Certification on Child-centered play therapy. With over four years of industry experience, she firmly believes it is her life’s mission to teach early education, and believes each child should grow up in a safe and happy environment.

Ms Karly
Miss Karly was born and raised in Hong Kong. Whilst originally an accounting student, her love for children emerged during a Canadian Summer exchange in which she taught local children the piano. Upon her return to hong Kong, she began working at a local kindergarten and is now currently completing her postgraduate diploma in Early Childhood Education. Miss Karly aims to be a fully-qualified kindergarten teacher in the very-near future.
As inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. - “Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.”, Miss Karly’s philosophy of education is to cultivate every child to grow happily with a positive manner and to develop their interests and talents.